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Blessing is a personal trainer who gets results. I sought her out at a time when I was nothing less than desperate. I was 39, in marginal shape, and fighting an ankle injury in addition to pre-existing knee and back problems. More importantly, I was coming up on my fitness test for the military after barely passing just 4 months prior.  


Blessing designed a custom training program based on my condition and my personal goals. After just 2 months of working with her, my score went up 12%. Over a year later, my scores continue to climb and I’ve dropped 5 inches from my waist. I’ve gone from wearing XL shirts to size Medium. She continued to evolve my workout program and I’ve incorporated it into a permanent regimen.


She has changed my entire approach to fitness and nutrition into an effective lifestyle approach. I highly recommend Blessing’s services to anyone who is serious about getting their conditioning rectified. Being at my age with a history of injuries over the years, I am always concerned about getting hurt. I put myself in Blessing’s hands and trusted her with my future.


She pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself, worked around my chronic limitations, and got results without ever inducing a single injury. I am convinced that she has added years back to my life!"






"I'm SO THRILLED with my results from working with Blessing!! When my wedding dress came in too small and was discontinued, I was very worried I wouldn't be able to fit it for the big day. Luckily, I met blessing and she not only helped me slip into the dress with ease, but I looked and felt better than I ever have for my wedding! She is a gem! She didn't just give me workouts she read about in some book, she read my body and knew exactly what it needed. She didn't force me to become something I'm not but worked with what I already had going on. She also helped me with my diet and made sure my weekly workouts fit with my busy work life. She was always available if I had questions and needed help and kept things FUN! I highly recommend her as an excellent personal trainer!!"


Summer M.




Morgrate S. at age 33 wanted to get fit for her wedding. She has never worked out in her life . was size 10 when started, after 4 months of training lost 20lb dropped to size 4 and 25% body fat. 3 month more later down to size 2, lost 5lb more for total of 25lb and 21% body fat.


Nancy at age 42 wanted to tone up her body.  She has always been very active but could not get herself to loose the little bit of fat that was always sticking around in certain areas. She enrolled in my thirteen week challenge program for that extra challenge, motivation and  push she  needed.  Nancy came in the program at 147.5 lbs and a body fat of 34.4%. After completeing the thirteen week challenge program she she lost a solid 12 lbs she could keep off and reduced her body fat to 26.4%.  

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